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New year, no resolution

I've never been a fan of New Year's resolutions. It seems as if they are one big booby trap set up for us to fail. And really, why wait until the beginning of a new year to start or try something? I get it, the new year signifies a new start, new beginning, but isn't every day a new beginning?

The new year around here tends to signify a few different themes other than resolutions. Checking the inventory after the holiday shopping season has concluded. Making the list of soaps that are needing to be replenished; watching the forecast to see when the next "warm up" will be, only because it means that the barn will need to get cleaned. Slowing down a bit but envisioning what the new year will bring for the farm and business. Brainstorming new products, concocting potential soap scents, pouring over the stream of seed catalogs coming in the mail; farmer's porn maybe? And continuously trying to streamline ways to organize the business, knowing that it is an endless cycle of finding and knowing what will work and what won't. Work smarter, not harder.

This time of year and season has taken on a completely new meaning since we've had the farm. It's given me a new found appreciation for winter; not the frigid, negative windchill temps or trudging through knee deep snow drifts in order to get to the barn for chores , but the season of "slow down" is a welcome relief from the hurry up and hustle season, a.k.a. spring through fall. It's a maddening rush some....many of those days to keep things running smoothly. Morning chores before the summer humidity sets in, milking the goats, filtering said milk, washing milk jars, breakfast, prepping the soap lab for the days creations, making the days creations, afternoon chores, separate out the babies from the mamas for the night, feed and change out waters for the animals, back to soap lab to finish up one last batch, go check on garden and walk away depressed because the weeds will soon be knocking on the back door, then turn back only to get mint because a mojito is now in order, make supper, clean up soap lab so it's ready for the next day, look out window to see goats meandering about outside the barn and realize that someone forgot to latch the door, walk back down to barn and herd everyone back into the barn; walk back up to house, go sit out on front porch and enjoy the view for a mere 5 minutes only to go back inside because the bugs are not on your list of tolerances for the evening; decide then that it's time for bed anyways and go upstairs and collapse into said bed. Such is the farm life.

2018 has me especially excited. I feel as if we are turning a corner with the business. Every year we continue to grow and expand our product line, but this year feels a different. We have some lofty goals and visions for the coming years and I think 2018 is where "lift off" will take place. Every year with the business, I find I continue to push myself even further with ideas and goals. I do still need reminding every now and then that I'm not in competition with anyone else but myself. We're growing a business and by growing, we don't stop learning and if there is one thing that this business has taught me, it's that I LOVE to learn. I find I crave it if it means it will better the business.

Here's to building inventory, building relationships and building a community.


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