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About Us

Crooked Pine Farm was established in 2011 amidst rolling hills and fields in southeastern Minnesota. The foundation of this farm started with a small herd of Alpine dairy goats and from there a dormant dream took shape. Crooked Pine Farm & Goods LLC is a family affair with husband and wife duo, Bradley and Emily, along with their son, Jackson. Emily has over 17 years of experience in the study of cosmetology and esthiology. A former cosmetologist, her passion has always been in skincare. She is constantly on a mission to find ways to harness the powers of plants within skincare.  A career firefighter, Bradley's true calling has always been a caretaker of animals. A world traveler and creative spirit, he's the one that keeps the farm running through the seasons. Crooked Pine Farm & Goods is a collective effort of stewardship over the land and animals, continuously striving to push the limits within natural skincare and strengthening the bond of a partnership.


Every product is formulated on the farm, crafted by hand and made in small batches. Crooked Pine Farm & Goods LLC is devoted to offering holistic, plant based products from head to toe. We strive to offer body and skincare that promotes healing, self care and a connection between consumer and Mother Nature.

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