What Customers Are Saying...

Such a blessing! I was struggling with sporadic skin conditions on my face and neck and being that I've never struggled with acne or any kind of skin condition before, I panicked...especially because it's my face! I began trying anything and everything that I thought could fix it. Everything store bought or suggested on any website or app only temporarily covered the basic symptoms of the problem, not even coming close to fixing the problem at hand. After several months (pretty much all summer), much stress, and many days to not wanting to leave the house, I finally found Emily at the farmers market in Rochester! From the second my mom and I (we always go to the farmers market together) began speaking with her, we both had the best feeling about her products and no doubt it was worth a try. That weekend we were headed to the cabin after the market, a perfect time to try out my new face wash!  INSTANTLY, on the first time using the “BARE facial oil cleanser” the eczema-type skin condition on my neck, completely rid of burning and itching as well as the dryness that was almost painful at times because of how dry it could get! Within two applications, the redness was down to a faint pink and hardly noticeable! What a miracle and a blessing to me! Along with my neck, the strange breakouts on my face and cheeks decreased immensely and are continuing to fully recover to normal, even, smooth and glowy skin after only a couple of weeks! I don’t think I’ve ever believe in a product as much as these, nor have I ever been this excited about great products and skin! I’m also trying out the “REHAB calming facial oil” for extra repair from how harsh I was on my skin with store bought/chemically face washes and products as well as winter coming soon (anticipating more dryness). I love it so far! Ohh ..and I love my lip balm too (I got the vanilla chai flavor), it’s hard to find a good lip balm that doesn’t leave your lips dry again shortly after use! 

Anyways, I love these products and everything they stand for! Thank you Emily for being at the farmers market that day and for helping my skin in such beautiful ways!


I picked up a couple bars of soap and lip balm last weekend at the Hormel House event. I love how well it moisturizes and lathers. I even used it in my hair and was super impressed. The scents are so good and long lasting! Thank you for making a great product!


The ingredients are amazing. Such a great, local family business to support! I love the soap!!


The best products! You have to try them...all of them:)


I love the joint balm and lip balm:) Can't wait to purchase more product!


It smells delicious enough to eat! I have sensitive skin and used the sandalwood vanilla soap and not one breakout! Thank you Crooked Pine, I'll be back for others!